Collective Worship

Our school is distinctive in character as a Church of England Primary School. Collective Worship emphasises the Christian way of life. A daily act of worship is led by the Headteacher, Deputy Headteachers, teachers, our vicar and visitors. A daily prayer or reflection and Bible reading is included in this time.

Our Christian Values RESPECT, PATIENCE, LOVE, TRUST, FORGIVENESS and FRIENDSHIP are embedded into our school policies and practise.

Our focus within our worship allows us to explore our feelings, how they affect us and impact on our relationships with one another. We are taught as Christians to trust in God. When we feel unhappy or worried we can share this with Him, when we are happy and joyful we can thank God and share our feelings with Him.

We have adopted the Windows Mirrors Doors concept which we encourage as part of our daily collective worship.

Windows: Opportunities to look out on the world to gaze and wonder: The Wow and Ows moments. The things we find amazing and bring us up short. Encounter: The learning about life

Mirrors: Giving opportunities for children to reflect, to look inward to consider some of the big questions of life: To explore their own insights and those of others.
Reflection: The learning from.

Doors: Giving opportunities to children to respond, to do something to go through the door of a creative expression of their own thoughts and convictions.
Transformation: The learning to live by putting into action what they believe.




Please click the link below to read our Collective Worship Policy:

Collective Worship Policy