Digital Leaders

We have been recruited by Mrs Graham to be the new digital leader to help with computing throughout the year. Each half term we are set different challenges:


Challenge 1:

We have been very busy this half term promoting digital leaders in our school. We completed a KS1 and KS2 assembly to explain our new role. From this we have already been recruited to help in Year 3 with their PowerPoint lessons. Mrs Ellison gave fantastic feedback stating how impressed she was with them all as they helped children by getting them to do the work and showing them how to do things rather than them doing it for them.

We have also created posters and set up a display in the main reception area so everyone in school knows who we are.


Challenge 2:

For challenge 2 we created two different videos.  For the first video we created step by step instructions on how to log onto a computer.  This is then going to be used to help reception and Year 1 children: Click the link below

Video 1

For the second video we have created instructions on how to comment on the St Luke’s blog page. We found that not many parent/children comment on the blog so we thought be sharing a video on how to do this it would help more people to comment. We are also going to send this video out on a QR code on the school newsletter.

Video 2


Challenge 3:

For safer internet day we planned, prepared and delivered a whole school assembly. We made sure ever class completed an lesson all about staying safe online.  We also updated our Digital leader display to remind children and adults how to keep safe when going online.

Challenge 4:

We have been working hard this half term to research different educational apps. We asked children in school which different apps they like to use. From this we then downloaded 3 different ones. We practising using these apps then we held a lunch time club where we asked different children to give them a try to see whether they liked them.



We then created some videos to explain how to use each app: