At St. Luke’s CE Primary School, we strongly believe that regular attendance and excellent punctuality is essential to ensure the educational, social and emotional progress and development of all our pupils.

What is expected of parents :

  • To maximise their child’s attendance
  • To offer a reason for any period of absence, preferably before the absence or on the first day of absence. Parents and carers are asked to contact the school office on the first morning by telephone, email or in person if their child is absent from school.
  • To ensure that their child arrives on time, properly dressed, with the right equipment and in a condition to learn. A reason should always be offered, by an adult, for lateness school requires that an adult accompanies a child into school on such occasions.
  • To work closely with school, and the Local Authority Education Welfare Officer (EWO) to resolve any issues that may impede a child’s attendance or punctuality.
  • To be aware of curriculum requirements and be especially vigilant with regards to attendance and wellbeing during important times such as assessment weeks and SAT’s tests.
  • To keep school updated should contact numbers or address details change.
  • To wherever and whenever possible arrangement medical appointments outside of the school day.

What is expected of school:

  • To consistently record absence within the guidance of the 1996 Education Act
  • To give a high priority to promoting and celebrating good attendance and punctuality through weekly and half termly reward and prize assemblies.
  • To encourage communication between home and school and to support parents to maximise their child’s attendance.
  • To implement procedures that enable school to identify, follow up and record absences, patterns of absence and parent condoned absence with effective monitoring and intervention.
  • To follow procedures leading to a formal referral to the EWO

Please click the link below to read our Attendance Policy

Attendance policy