Eco Council

At St. Luke’s CE Primary School, we want all children to speak up and be confident in promoting change.

Our Eco Committee helps our children do this by spreading their enthusiasm and encouraging others to care for and respect God’s world. We talk about issues close to our hearts and question “what can be done about this?”, then create a plan of how we could make a difference and put this into action.

We have teams within our Eco Committee: The Waste Watchers, the Litter Police and the Energy Inspectors.  Each week, children inspect each class and score the classrooms based on how well they are recycling, turning power off and keeping their classrooms tidy. There is a winner at the end of every half term and this encourages everyone to be more mindful of looking after our environment and respecting the world.

Along with the Eco Committee, we also have a Gardening Club which gives everyone a chance to come and learn about God’s world and how we can improve it for all. We plant seeds, look after plants, tidy out environments and much more! We had a visit from Heywood in Bloom in summer 2023 and they were really impressed with our school grounds, especially Kaden’s Garden and Forest School.

Every child gets the chance to access Forest School every half term and this further makes children aware of how precious God’s world is and how we can take better care of it.