Sports Funding Information

St Luke’s CE Primary School PE and Sports funding 

The use of the PE and sports grant will go towards the provision of a specialised role within school to teach a comprehensive, progressive and consistent PE program across all year groups to ensure that each child progresses and achieves increasingly higher levels of fitness.

The role will extend towards organising the school’s healthy schools annual project and application and towards organising after school clubs for the school and inter school competitions for the Heywood cluster of schools.

The aims of the post have been based on the good practice case study examples provided by the DfE. For more details of the funding and to review some of the case studies please follow this link.

Click here  to read our school Sport Premium Strategy.

We will aim to:

  • Raise participation levels in competitive sports
  • Design and implement a coherent PE curriculum across all year groups
  • Design an assessment system through which we can measure improved fitness levels
  • Continue to develop inter and intra school sports through the sports coordinator’s role, leading interschool competitions by planning and organising different events (see our sports calendar for more details)
  • To secure the annual ‘healthy schools’ award
  • To develop sports day as a celebration of the sporting heritage of the school.

Measuring the impact of sports funding

  • Report on the number of pupils accessing inter and intra school competitive sports competitions
  • Evaluate the quality of PE throughout the school
  • Assessments of pupils will highlight pupils’ progress in physical development
  • Award of the annual health schools quality mark
  • Organise and coordinate the school’s annual sports day celebrations

Additional sports funding has been provided for schools to enhance their PE and sports provision.

Click here to visit the DFE website for more information in the Sports funding, its aims and background.