Year 6

Year 6 Sycamore are taught by Mr Hignett

Year 6 Rowan are taught by Mrs Ainsworth

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Lang
Miss Lee
Ms Khan
Mrs Magurie

Please look at our school blog (hosted on a separate site) where you will see a selection of posts and photographs of us at work.

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Year 6’s  Pupil offer Promise  (this may be updated throughout the year)

Autumn 1Curriculum overviewKnowledge organisers
Autumn 2Curriculum overviewKnowledge organisers
Spring 1Curriculum overviewKnowledge organisers
Spring 2Curriculum overviewKnowledge organisers
Summer 1Curriculum overviewKnowledge organisers

Click below to see the reunion with DigiSmart patron Sheila Hancock and some Year 6 DigiSmart Children.