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Strattera is used for treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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Strattera online canada by Dr Steven J. Ross, University of Toronto The scientific research literature suggests that the presence of two types a protein in our saliva may play some role in protecting against inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as asthma. The work was conducted by a group of scientists at the University Toronto. The researchers report that presence of type III cytokines, also known as interleukin-6, in the saliva of asthma sufferers can reduce airway inflammation and asthma flare-ups, but also contributes to the development of asthma. These proteins also inhibit the immune system's responses to bacteria and other Pfizer viagra 50 mg online triggers. While the evidence of their effect on asthma is strong, only some of the results have been published in more scientific journals so far. This research was presented at the annual meeting of American Society Clinical Oncology in Chicago last week (Nov. 16). "These findings suggest that immune defense against inflammation is mediated by a number of different factors," said senior author Dr Steven J. Ross, professor of medicine at the University Toronto and chair of the allergy department at Hospital for Sick Children. "Our next step is to test the hypothesis that this protein pathway, or the presence of its components, can reverse the Generic finasteride tablets inflammatory process and potentially prevent or reverse asthma." Scientists have known that a group of proteins called interleukin-6 and its receptors, IL-6 IL-17, can contribute to the development of symptoms asthma in laboratory animals. These findings led the researchers to think that presence of these proteins might have a role in asthma and flare-ups people, too. They wanted to see if there was a role for interleukin-6 and its receptors in asthma flare ups humans. The researchers first sought to replicate earlier findings in lab animals that interleukin-6 mediated asthma flare-ups. They found that mice were genetically engineered to produce type III cytokines, but not IL-6, were able to develop asthma when exposed a common trigger for lab animals, the common bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This finding was supported by a larger human study that found those genetically altered to produce more interleukin-6 but not IL-6 were able to develop Zovirax cold sore pill asthma when exposed high levels of the common bacterial pathogen. The researchers then decided to turn humans as a possible human model for asthma in order to tease out the role of IL-6 on asthma and its onset. Since is complex and many people have both types of IL-6 and IL-17, it was important to use individuals who were likely to have similar features of asthma to see if they would develop asthma. That's what the researchers did in a study of 523 adults who had recently developed asthma. A battery of biomarkers was used to look for the presence of IL-6 and IL-17 in the saliva. After examining the saliva samples, researchers found a strong association between levels of type III cytokines on the one hand and asthma risks symptoms on the other hand. In particular, they found that men who had higher saliva-type-III levels, even when the investigators controlled for presence of IL-6 and IL-17, were more likely to develop asthma and were more likely to experience symptoms such as breathlessness or coughing. To make sense of the link, researchers hypothesized that IL-6 and IL-17 may serve a different role in people and that the presence of these proteins could be different in people with asthma and those without it. To test this hypothesis, the researchers performed a small study.

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